Title First Name Surname  
Mrs. Linda Burns Chemistry (Taught Administration)
Ms. Joy Candlish CSCE Head of Academic Affairs
Ms. Fiona Curle Mathematics (Taught Administrative)
Dr. Simon Daff Chemistry, School Director of Quality
Dr. Gail Duursma Engineering, School Director of Quality
Ms. Rosie Edwards Physics and Astronomy (Administration)
Ms. Julia Ferguson Academic Affairs Officer (PGR) (Papers Only)
Dr. Ross Galloway Physics and Astronomy, Director of Quality
Ms. Kate Hardman Informatics (Taught Administrative)
Mr. Neil Heatley Informatics (PGR Administrative)
Ms. Lynda Henderson Academic Officer
Dr. John Longley Informatics, School Director of Quality
Dr. Antony Maciocia Dean of Students (Papers only)
Dr. Tom Mackay Mathematics, School Director of Quality (Taught)
Ms. Vicky MacTaggart Biological Sciences (Taught & PGR Administrative)
Dr. Robert Mason Associate Dean QA, CHSS
Ms. Sarah McAllister Geosciences (Administrative)
Ms. Sheila McBain Engineering (PGR)
Dr. Gordon McDougall Convenor, Dean of Quality Assurance
Dr. Bruce Nelson College Registrar (Papers only)
Dr. Nicholas Savill Biological Sciences, School Director of Quality
Mrs. Laura Smith Engineering (Taught Administrative)
Prof. Mike Summerfield GeoSciences, School Director of Quality
Ms. Denise Wilson Chemistry (PGR Administration)
Ms. Sarah Wyse Secretary, Committee Secretary
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